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ArtontheBrain positively impacts quality of life

ArtontheBrain is an evidence based online solution that is fun and good for your health

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ArtontheBrain is an affordable online recreation activity designed for ALL older adults including those with cognitive decline. Powered by Baycrest, this scientifically validated web-based application is easy to use in a group format, with a partner, or individually, and can be accessed and enjoyed at any time – all that is needed is the Internet and a device.

What we know about arts & health

Research suggests that engaging in productive and enjoyable leisure activities can have many positive health benefits for older adults. Engagement with the arts, in particular, is related to:

  • Overall well-being

  • Improved physical health

  • Better morale and mood

  • A lower risk of cognitive decline

  • Fewer doctor visits and less medication use

  • Improved social engagement

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‘...I felt a lot smarter looking at art...’

“I would recommend ArtontheBrain because it was very interesting and you learn something. I felt a lot smarter looking at art. I like learning about people, artists and stuff like that. I liked it because I was learning something. That is important for me since I can’t sit still for a long time to read a book” 

- Hebrew Senior Life client

Discover the Research


Research shows ArtontheBrain has positive health benefits to users.

Experts in cognitive aging


ArtontheBrain has been incubating at Baycrest Health Sciences.  
Meet the Co-founders, Team & Partners.

Individual license

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Individual user licenses $4.99 per month

Family license


Family licenses $14.99 per month

Are you ready to Learn, Play & Mingle?

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