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ArtontheBrain breaks down barriers

Scientifically validated & Evidenced-based

ArtontheBrain is a low cost solution that is easy to use and enables clinicians to foster connections with and between clients. Designed with cognitive aging experts and participant end users it has been shown to work well with a variety of older adult populations and in a variety of care settings.  

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Preliminary data indicates

1. Improved mood

2. Trends toward decreased need for health resources

3. Increase in meaningful interactions 


of participants show improvement in one or more wellness metrics


‘...more spontaneous interactions happening...’

“There are more spontaneous interactions happening in ArtontheBrain play compared to some of the other recreation activities I do” 

- Activation Therapist, Memory and Company

Discover the Research


Research shows ArtontheBrain has positive health benefits to users.

Meet the Team


ArtontheBrain has been incubating at Baycrest Health Sciences.  
Meet the Co-founders, Team & Partners.

Individual license

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Individual user licenses $4.99 per month

Clinician group

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Clinician group licenses $14.99 per month  

Arts recreation promotes wellness and ArtontheBrain is backed by science

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