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ArtontheBrain is Evidence-based and Scientifically-validated

Discover the Science behind ArtontheBrain


Results from our first study with older adults living in long-term care show improvement in wellness measures examining psychological wellbeing, health related quality of life, and attention. Most importantly, participants enjoyed and strongly endorsed ArtontheBrain.  Stay tuned for more to come from our ongoing work

ArtontheBrain (AotB) is a digital therapeutic intervention that promotes mental stimulation, and socialization. The activities within the app are based on neuropsychological research, the user interface has been vetted by experts in the fields of cognitive aging, low vision, and most importantly – our community of users.

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Conference Presentations

International Neuropsychological Society 2019, New York City, NY

Wonder Women in Technology 2018 National Conference, Long Beach, CA, 

International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics 2017, San Francisco, CA

Canadian Association of Gerontology 2016, Montreal, QC

Hacking Health Design Challenge and eHealth Conference 2015, Toronto, ON

‘...The artworks triggered memories...’

“Playing games with one of the artworks triggered memories about a family vacation and two family members who had come across the world to visit were blown away by details their sister remembered that they had initially forgotten. They and appeared to have so much fun visiting together because of ArtontheBrain” 

- Laura McMaster, therapeutic recreationist at Baycrest

How ArtontheBrain benefits


Evidence-based; safely prescribe, part of care plan.

Healthcare Providers

Designed to cognitively engage & keep residents connected.


Promotes brain health, wellness, and sense of community.


ArtontheBrain has been incubating at Baycrest Health Sciences.  Meet the Co-founders, Team & Partners.

ArtontheBrain challenges age associated stigma

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