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Aviva Altschuler


Dr. Kelly Murphy

ArtontheBrain Team

Alexie Brown
Dr. Olivier Beauchet
Dr. Kate Dupuis
Dr. Lynn Hasher
Dr. David Hogan
Dr. Elizabeth B. Howard
Ashley Kwong
Dr. Lia Tsotsos
Dr. Swathi Swaminathan
Dr. Feng Xie
Dr. Walter Wittich
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‘...combination of cognitive neuroscience and accessible recreation...’

“The combination of cognitive neuroscience and accessible recreation for “all” older adults, including those with low vision, is what drew me to this project” 

- Walter Wittich, PhD FAAO CLVT Assistant Professor, School of Optometry, Université de Montréal

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How ArtontheBrain benefits


Evidence-based; safely prescribe, part of care plan.

Healthcare Providers

Designed to cognitively engage & keep residents connected.


Promotes brain health, wellness, and sense of community.

ArtontheBrain is scientifically proven to positively improve health and wellbeing

The ArtontheBrain team are passionate about healthy aging

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